“Finding a dentist isn’t hard.  Finding a good dentist is a little more of a challenge.  Finding a dentist you absolutely trust and like going to is like winning the gold medal!

For the past 8+ years I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Brad Brittain.  His skill at his chosen craft is excellent.  I know, because over the years I have had several major challenges with my teeth.  Every single time he makes a potentially unpleasant situation so simple, easy and painless.  More than that his cheerful, easy going manner makes you look forward to seeing him again and again.  You don’t even care that he has to prep you for a crown.

Beyond that, his office is homey and welcoming. His staff is wonderful!  All of them are accommodating and helpful.

Dentistry is an industry where staffing changes are common.  In contrast, at Dr. Brittain’s office, many of his staff have been there for years which speaks volumes for the kind of boss and person he is.

I would recommend him to anyone, no reservations.”

Palmyre Zele


“Love my new grill Doc…you and your crew are awesome, however, I don’t have much to compare it to since you were the first dentist I’ve been to…I can tell you this though, you were the best dentist so far!!! Thanks again buddy!”

J.T. Wamsley


“Dentistry of Old Town Scottsdale is the best, no doubt about it.  After calling around to different dentists, trying to get an appointment, Dr. Brittain and his friendly and professional staff were able to offer me an appointment the same day!  Their office made me feel comfortable and explained the procedure so that I knew what they were going to be doing, which made me more relaxed.  I was in and out of there in no time without pain.  Thank you Dr. Brittain and staff for making my visit so painless.  I am happy to call Dentistry of Old Town Scottsdale my dentist of choice.”

Gabrielle Arcilla

Miss Jr. Teen Arizona Festival


“Dr. Brittain is the best dentist I have ever gone to. Starting from the moment I come in his office. The staff greets me and is so professional, friendly and makes you feel welcomed. Dr. Brittain is very good at taking excellent care of your teeth and making sure you are happy and satisfied with the results. I highly recommend to anyone to visit his office if you want excellent cleanings done on your teeth and an excellent dentist that will take his time and patience to make sure teeth are perfect! Dr. Bradley K Brittain is the dentist for you!”



“I have been going here for a little over two years now and love this place.  Doc and his staff are great and very thoughtful.  I am so glad I found an awesome dentist and recommend anyone needing a dentist to go here! Thanks Dentistry of Old Town Scottsdale!”

Brian McDonald

“We want to thank you Brad, on behalf of our Alex for taking the time of out of his busy schedule to do a dental presentation for the class.  I know Alex enjoyed it!  She started brushing her teeth ever since she was a little over a year old.  She loves doing it.  Truth be to known, I think she enjoys it so much because she likes eating the bubble gum flavor toothpaste 🙂  Also, thank you for the goodies you sent the kids home with.  Alex was so excited to open her backpack and show it to me when she got him from school. She especially liked her new toothbrush, which will be added to her collection.

She is so funny, she has a habit of using a different toothbrush everyday depending on the color of her pajamas.  Pink pj’s, pink toothbrush, blue pj’s blue toothbrush etc…now she has a green one to her rotation.”




*Results may vary from person to person.